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Nabhi Kriya

Today is the 4th day of the new moon, which means our bodies are in a harmonious glandular balance which manifests a healing environment. This day is perfect for detox, meditation, celebration, and connection with your higher self. What a perfect time to begin Nabhi Kriya.

I'm excited to share this sequence with with you because it has changed my life tremendously. As a mother of two big babies, I always had a lot of core issues, and Nabhi Kriya is one of the most effective methods for strengthening and toning your abdominal region. It also aids the function of your digestive system, improves mental focus, and will help you strengthen your will power as it works with the 3rd Chakra (drive, determination, ambition, goals).

Want to practice for more than a week? Consider joining me for a 40 day Sadhana (daily spiritual practice).

Drop a comment if you're in!

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