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Siri Gaitri Mantra - Ra Ma Da Sa Sa Say So Hung

If you're a regular at my sound healing sessions, you're probably already familiar with this mantra as it's one of my absolute favorites. The Siri Gaitri Mantra is a healing mantra, used to heal the self, another person, an animal, or a group of people. I enjoy sending it this beautiful healing energy out into the community.

Beginning today, on 2/22/2022 (Happy Palindrome Day!) we would love for our community to begin a 40 day practice. Each day, find 11 minutes to sit with this mantra and allow healing to blossom in your life and those lives surrounding you.

Ra - Purifying energy of the Sun

Ma - Nurturing energy of the Moon

Da - Secure and pure energy of the Earth

Sa - Infinity, openness, expansive totatality

Sa - Repeated, brings the Infinite here and now

Say - Your human experience

So Hung - I Am That (sacred essence)

Sat Nam,


For your practice, check out Snatam Kaur (beautiful voice).

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